Polícia Inglesa Foge de Muçulmanos

Bem vindos à Europa do futuro. Que nome damos a uma sociedade onde os polícias fogem daqueles que aparentemente violam a lei?
Se isto acontece agora, imaginem o que vai acontecer quando os muçulmanos forem uma “minoria” mais numerosa.
London: 3,000 “Gaza demonstrators” chase 30 police officers while screaming “Islam is peace!”
Actually, they screamed things like “Run, run, you cowards…fatwa!…Allahu Akbar!” The above video was first posted here, but the following report, published today, provides more detailed information. With the UK’s Muslim population increasing ten times faster than the non-Muslim population, imagine what Muslim “demonstrations” in the UK will be like ten years from now.
“Police ‘ran away’ from jeering Gaza demonstrators,” by Christopher Leake for the Daily Mail, February 1:

Video footage posted on a website shows police officers running [a]way from chanting demonstrators who took part in a violent protest in London against Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip.
The ten-minute amateur film shows 30 officers being chased by a crowd of up to 3,000 people who broke away from an official protest march last month.
The video, posted on YouTube, shows protesters chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is Greatest) and ‘Fatwa’, a death threat under Islamic law.
Under the headline Metropolitan Police Humiliated At The Hands Of Muslim Demonstrators In London, protesters are shown shouting: ‘Free, Free Palestine.’
As they walk past St James’s Palace, demonstrators throw traffic cones and stones at the police, who are seen running away from the threat before turning to walk backwards.
One demonstrator shouts: ‘Run, run, you cowards. Run, you poof. Allahu Akbar.’
A female steward attempting to calm down the protesters pleads, ‘Back, back’ as the crowd advances on the police. But she is ignored as one male protester shouts: ‘They’re going to get it.’
After coming into Piccadilly, near the five-star Ritz Hotel, demonstrators goad police as they draw their batons, screaming ‘Free, Free Palestine’ once more and a policeman is seen punching a young man in the face.
Despite pleas from another officer asking the crowd to ‘calm down’, the protesters laugh at him and throw more traffic cones. One shouts: ‘You swine.’


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